Run little ones, run

It was a really cold morning, the kind where you just want to lay in bed and hope that no disturbance comes your way. I was listening to music when mom shouted my name. I didn’t hear her at first but Nigerian mothers possess a certain talent. I call it “The Scream.” She screamed my name so loud that I literally fell off my bed and somewhat wet myself. You wouldn’t understand.

So, I was sent to get groceries from a nearby store. I was about leaving the house when Mom gave me the “don’t be late” look.

Being a very good child and not because I was scared of what my mom would do if I didn’t get home on time, I rushed to the store. On getting to the store, I met a very….. let’s just call it an exciting scene.

On one side of the store were two little boys, twins to be precise. In Yoruba land, they are called Taiye and Kehinde. While on the other side of the store was the shopkeeper, a woman well past her fifties.

Apparently, the boys tried to pull a prank on the storekeeper by putting glue on her chair. They succeeded tho, the woman couldn’t stand up and she was giving them both the death look.

When someone finally came to help the woman out of the chair, I knew she was ready to kill those kids.

The little boys were too busy laughing to realize that the woman was coming towards them. I couldn’t watch two little adorable twins get pulverized by an old lady after they just showed me what it meant to overcome fear and live life. “Run” I screamed and the twins dissapered in an instant.

Now the old woman is staring at me and this time, she has a club with her.


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